What Length Program Should You Choose for Study Abroad in Canada?

You’ve decided you want to study in Canada, but aren’t sure what length program for study abroad to choose. Or, maybe you’re just curious and want to learn more about the options available for programs when studying abroad. Does this sound like you?

The length of the program you choose for studying abroad relies on many factors, including:

  • Your academic and professional goals
  • Available finances
  • Personal circumstances

Take our quiz below to find out what length program best fits you for studying abroad in Canada. Grab a pencil and get ready to record your answers for each question!

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Tip: Everyone’s circumstances are unique. If you can’t find an answer that matches your situation, choose the one that’s most similar!

1. How interested are you in travelling? 

a) Not very interested; I would prefer to keep my travels to new places short and sweet and return back home as quickly as possible. 

b) I like travelling; I enjoy experiencing new places and cultures! I’ve done some light travelling before but would like to do more of it. 

c) Adventure is my middle name! I love travelling and want to experience as much of the world as I can. 

2. How comfortable are you living away from home?

a) I’m only comfortable being away from home for short periods of time, and easily get homesick. I can handle living somewhere else for a few months to a year.

b) I’m comfortable being away from home for some period of time and don’t usually get homesick. I can handle living somewhere else for one to two years’ time.

c) I’m comfortable being away from home for long lengths of time and rarely ever get homesick. I can handle living somewhere else for three or more years’ time.

3. What are your academic and professional goals for studying abroad?

a) I want to improve my professional position to a small to moderate extent with a certificate. Studying abroad is something I want to do quickly. I plan to live in my home country in the long term.

b) I want to improve my professional position to a moderate to a high extent with a diploma or short degree. I want to explore my long-term options, including where I plan to live in the future.

c) I want to improve my professional position to a high extent with a full-length degree. I am planning to study abroad to also gain work experience in my field of choice, and maybe even to eventually immigrate.

4. Are you open to applying for a Canadian study permit (more commonly known as a student visa)?

a) No; I’m not interested in applying for a study permit or I don’t think I would qualify for one. 

b) Yes; I might be open to applying for a study permit, but I don’t know where to start and could use some help from the experts at ApplyBoard. 

c) Absolutely; my studies will likely last me a few years, and I will need a study permit to pursue my academic goals. 

5. What are you comfortable paying to study in Canada?

a) Between C$15,000–C$30,000

b) Between C$16,000–C$65,000

c) Between C$40,000–C$90,000+

6. What skills or experiences would you like to gain while studying abroad?

a) I would like to gain the academic skills necessary to achieve a specific professional goal. Making new friends or memories while studying abroad is not a priority for me.

b) I’m interested in gaining interpersonal skills and new experiences, as well as the academic skills necessary to achieve my professional goals.

c) I want to fully experience what studying abroad has to offer, including making new friends, learning about new cultures and languages, and gaining interpersonal skills, as well as achieving my academic goals.

7. Trust your gut: what length of program do you think you should choose for studying abroad in Canada?

a) A few months to a year; a shorter program will give me flexibility, hands-on skills, and a boost in my professional growth without sacrificing too much from my life.

b) One to two years; a program of this length can give me the best of both worlds, providing enough education and experience to improve my professional career to a considerable extent.

c) Three or more years; I need a full-length program to take me to a drastically new level in my academic, professional, and interpersonal goals.

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