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United Kingdom is renowned for its academic excellence and is the home for few of the earliest and most significant university, thus; Education in the United Kingdom has become a benchmark for quality and excellence which is the home to the best universities in the world. The United Kingdom welcomes over 400,000 International Students for higher education per year and has the widest range of course major options. The United Kingdom is a sovereign state of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland which is a spectacular factor to visit these countries during your summer or semester breaks. The country is providing a well-developed public education system to students with a rate of 96% and maintaining a world-class health system for its citizens and guests with a percentage of 89.5. English is the language of instruction in the UK, and studying in an English-speaking country can help international students improve language skills and prepare for future careers. The UK offers international students a high-quality education, a unique cultural experience, and many opportunities for personal and professional growth. It's no wonder why so many students choose to study in the UK each year.

Universities in United Kingdom

Cost of Study

While choosing a university, as an international student be crucial that you look into the university ranking, location and the average cost.

PROGRAM Average Cost Per year (GBP) Average Cost Per year (LKR)
Undergraduate bachelor’s Program Starting from GBP £ 15,000 Starting from LKR 6, 137,775
Postgraduate master’s Program Starting from GBP £ 18,000 Starting from LKR 7,365,330

Scholarships in UK

There are various forms of aid and assistance provide for international students. The amount of assistance varies between institution.
Here are some POPULAR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS you can enjoy as an international student.

Type of Scholarship Description
CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP Supports professionals who has prior leadership skill and exceptional performance in their field.
MERIT SCHOLARSHIP This Scholarship is usually given by the university for the students who has a strong academic background, including achieving high grades in their high schools.
GREAT SCHOLARSHIP This Scholarship is funded by the UK government, this includes 99 Postgraduate program.
PERFORMANCE SCHOLARSHIP These are usually awarded to students has ability in an extracurricular activity such as Sports, Music or performance arts like drama or dance.


The cost of living in United Kingdom which includes housing, food, and social activities, for international students’ categories as inside London and outside London. The student residing inside London will have an average cost of living of £ 12,000 GBP onwards and outside London £ 9,207 GBP onwards.


The student has to select a university and get the CAS documents and student will be given to apply for the student visa type of Tier 4 where international students are eligible to participate for course. The cost of visa is GB £363 for the student. And not only student visa AIA will help you for the dependant visas as well.

Visa requirements :

  • Confirmation Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Evidence of English
  •  Show funds with just 1-month maturity

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