Chartered Financial Analyst


The CFA Program’s curriculum reflects a body of knowledge that is grounded in practice and maintains current relevance through a regular, extensive survey of practicing CFA Charter-holders. This candidate Body of Knowledge consists of 10 general topic areas that provide a framework for making investment decisions. 

These weights are intended to guide the curriculum and examination development processes. Actual exam weights may vary slightly from year to year. Please note that some topics are combined for testing purposes.
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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a global association of investment professionals.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

CFA At Alpha Business School

Alpha Business School is brought to life by true professionals and veterans of the industry. We aim towards creating a new breed of professionals with a formidable balance between knowledge and the application of the acquired knowledge in a professional environment. Our lecture panel comprises highly qualified CFA Charter-holders who also are veterans in investment banking.

Complete coverage of the syllabus with exhaustive revision via a properly organized course is Alpha Business School’s primary objective. Thus, our eminent lecture panel’s urge, proficiency and dedication help to achieve this.

Alpha Business School provides the perfect ambience in the study environment to boost and augment the candidate’s capacity to overcome the examination hurdle with much merit and comfort.

The e-learning resources and pre-recorded lectures avails you to study at your own pace despite you being unavailable to attend live lectures.


The CFA Charter is a Post Graduate Program hence requires any of the following:

  • A recognized Bachelor’s Degree (Ex: BSc, BCom, BBA and etc.)
  • An equivalent qualification (Ex: ACCA, CIMA, ICASL, CMA and etc.)
  • Final year student of the Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • 4 years qualified professional work experience
  • A combination of academic and professional experience that totals 4 years

Level 1 
Morning Session – 2.25 Hours – 90 Multiple Choice Questions
Evening Session  – 2.25 Hours – 90 Multiple Choice Questions


Level 2 
Morning Session – 2.25 Hours – 7-12 Item Set Questions (45 MCQs)
Evening Session  – 2.25 Hours – 7-12 Item Set Questions (45 MCQs)


Level 3 
Morning Session – 2.25 Hours – 6 to 12 Essay Type Questions
Evening Session  – 2.25 Hours – 7-12 Item Set Questions (45 MCQs)


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